Welcome to www.chinookweb.com

Our new  web hosting site is located at www.chinookwebs.com: we specialize in Business Class Web Services

Our older site for web hosting in Canada is located at www.chinook-computers.com

What do we do?

We offer world class web hosting to clients throughout the US and Canada.

Where are we located?

Our headquarters are in Calgary.

What are our prices like?

It is our goal to provide great value, and superior service at a reasonable price that will allow us to continue investing in building our company, so that we can continually upgrade the services to our clients. It is not our goal to be the cheapest web hosting service but we aren't expensive either.

What platform do you run on?

Our main web hosting platform is MS Windows

Do you do any Web design or development?


How can I find out more about Chinook Webs?

You can either click the link at the top of the page to go to our main site or you can simply call us. We answer the phone!!
Our Phone Number is 403-457-6382.
To contact us by email: sales@chinookwebs.com